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Dr. Jay Nemman

The first paragraph should be a short description of the character, whilst giving minimal information about the episode(s) in which the character appeared.

First appearance: {Episode Number} - {Episode Name} (LINK to Episode Guide page)
Distinguishing features: {A short listof the character's distinguishing features}
Approximate age: {Approximate age (unless definitive information is given in the episode)}

The rest of the character biography, which should be at least two paragraphs for all but the minor characters, offers information about the role the character played in the episode(s) in which he or she appeared. Good biographies will detail whether the character aided or hindered the events of the episode, along with examples. Simultaneously, the biography should not give away too much in terms of the episode's plot - in other words, beware SPOILERS!!

Notable Quotes

Similar to the Episode Guides, this section contains the character's most notable quotes (if any). Most characters have at least one good line, most have more! The format for each quote should be as follows (this entire section should remain blockquote-d, if part of a dialogue, try to restrict other character's lines to one or two before the character's quote, and remember that each quote should start on a new line:

{Previous Character's Name (in italics)}: "The answers are there... You just need to know where to look."
{Character Name (in italics)}: "That's why the put the "I" in F-B-I!"